There are many reasons why people use our services, infidelity is one of them. When a partner suspects the other of having an affair, a relationship can become strained, the home environment can become like a powder keg ready to explode at anytime.

It may be that you see signs in how your partner reacts to a simple question, or they are hiding their mobile phone, their mobile phone is set to silent, excuses to leave the home for one reason or another, working late, heavy traffic etc, over the years (40) that Advantage Investigations UK  have been operating we have heard them all.

If you feel that your partner is being unfaithful and you are looking for undisputed proof that this is the case (or not), then give us a call.  We have detectives who are fully trained in dealing with such matters ready to listen and advise you on how best to tackle the situation.

Our advice is free and you will be under no obligation . Should you wish to take matters further. our detectives will be able to quote you the full price to complete the assignment, which would be tailored to your individual circumstances.



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