Commercial Investigations:

Advantage Investigations UK have been offering their service to all types of businesses over the last 36 years. We have been successful in the apprehension of staff stealing from the work place, be it a warehouse,  an office or  a retail outlet. In many cases our operatives go undercover in order to obtain undisputed proof that an employee is either stealing goods or other forms of  property from their employer.

In today's market, the bottom line counts and if they appears to be a unscrupulous individual who feel that he or she has the right to steal from their work place, it does not take long before the bottom line is in the red. With the experiences our undercover operatives have in dealing with such situation, it will not take long before we are able to gather relevant and air tight evidence against any individual, and allowing any prosecution in court  proceed with out being contested. 

If you feel that you have a problem of any kind and you wish to discuss the same with one of our highly trained investigators please contact us, you will be under no obligation to engage us and you will find our advise if given, a help towards preventing any further loss.

All enquirers are discussed are carried out in the strictest and confidential manner, We can either come to see you at your work place or set up a meeting in a place that will suitable for both parties.

 Advantage Investigations UK

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