Under Cover Detectives

Covert undercover investigators are normally required to take up a position within a company, be it in an office, warehouse, shop, public house or any other place that the management feel that things may be going on.

It could be that stock is going missing from a warehouse, cash being short in the till or misuse of the company computers or vehicles.

Anything and everything that cost a company money is a drain on that company and can have a devastating effects in the long term.

Our highly trained investigators both male and female will route out the problem by every means possible. Having a vast amount of experiences and the most up to date covert equipment, they will be able to obtain the evidence required for a successful court case, dismissal or any other course of action our clients wish to take. 

With regards to misuse of company vehicles, additional hours being booked for over time when it was not the case , by installing our  covert Live GPS trackers we will be able to give our clients a minute to minute account of where any of their company vehicles are, and should staff choose to claim overtime, it can be proven if that is the case or not.

Advantage Investigations

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