Advantage Investigations UK


List of Services 


Address Tracing 

Debtor Trace 

Trace Address from Mobile number 

Tenant Verification 

Tenant Trace

Telephone Reversal 

Freehold Trace

Family Tracing 

All our tracing services is based on a No trace No fee basis, We currently have an success rate of 97% when tracing individuals but it down to the information supplied to us by our clients that will lead to our success. Our prices may vary for a trace, it will depend on how much information you can give us. When calling our office, we will be able to give you the full price with no hidden extras. 

General Services 

Infidelity/Matrimonial Cases 

Theft in the Workplace

False Insurance Claims 

Live Vehicle Tracking 

Live Asset GPS Tracking 

Anti Stalking 

Honey Trap

Undercover/Covert Investigations

Solicitors Agents 

Surveillance on Individuals 

Pre- House Purchase

Evidence Gathering 

Background Checks 

Live GPS Monitoring 

We undertake general enquires from corporate and private clients alike, along with taking instructions from our colleagues and international companies from around the world. You can be assured that no matter who you are, you  will be guaranteed 100% commitment from us along with speedy results.

Equipment For Sale or Hire

Live GPS Trackers

Covert GPS Tracker 

Room Transmitters 

Live GPS Kids Trackers

Covert CCTV Camera Kits 

Asset GPS Trackers

Elderly Persons GPS Trackers

Telephone Bugs

Its true that most of the above items can be purchased over the internet at cheap prices, but most of are just cheep counterfeits of the real items. We at Advantage investigation have been operating and using such equipment for over 36 years, and during that time have come to know what will work and what wont.

They will be many situation that you will only get the one opportunity to place such items, you have to have the confidence that they will perform as expected at all times.  If you are not sure what will work for your particular situation, give us a call and one of our investigators will assist you in making the right decision .