More and more people are using the internet to try to find their perfect partner, and although many have success in finding that perfect match, many have been coned out of their life savings and much much more. Lets face it, love is a powerful emotion which in turn strips us of all common sense without us realising it before its too late.

The excitement of starting a new relationship with that special person, who he or she tells you that you look beautiful or handsome, words that you may not have heard in a long while, the mushy "I love you" with a small hart attached is a dream to most of us.

Do not be fooled, for they are very many con-artiest out there waiting for you to drop your guard and take you for a fool.  The majority of those tricked in "romantic-cons" after meeting people on dating sites lost more than £2,000. Fraud experts have said that thousands of people have lost millions of pounds in online dating scams.

It is said that those aged 45 TO 64 were most likely to be victims, Maybe the reason for this age groups is that you may have just got a divorce, or ended a long term relationship with your partner and are too scared of spending the rest of your life living alone.

Dating site users are being urged not to take everything at face value. People were judging those they met on line based on their social media profile, their job, or simply trusting them on what they say..

While millions of us take to dating websites and apps to find true love, criminals are getting ready to pounce on anyone who lets their guard down. "We must all remain aware, whilst looking out for the warning signs, such as someone asking you to help them out of an 'unfortunate situation' by sending money. for either them or a relative who requires medical treatment etc.

If you feel that you have met that special someone and wish them to be checked out discreetly, then give us a call. Advantage Investigations Investigators, will be able to give you a full background check on that person, and  to verify that the person you are talking too, is who they say they are.

If I ask you "What have you got to lose", The answer in a lot of cases would be everything.



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