Pre-House Purchase:

Purchasing a house will be the biggest financial commitment that you would have ever make. Sure you would have looked at the house several times and eventually fall in love with it, but have you taken into consideration other factors that may turn your dream home in to a house of horrors.

Questions you have to ask and have the answers to before finalising your purchase are as follows:

1, Neighbours: Good, Bad, Noisy, Party Throwers

2, Parking: Own Space, Busy Road, No Space to Park

3, Pedestrian: Foot Traffic from Schools, Pubs, Night Clubs 

4, Noise: Neighbours, Barking Dogs, Emergency Services Vehicles,

5, Crime, House Break ins,

Car theft in the area, Anti social behaviour  All the above factors can not only make your life a misery once you have moved in but it can devalue the price of your property and make it a difficult to resale once you have decided to move on. Let Advantage Investigations UK carry out a pre-house purchase check for you prior to you making any commitment and with all possibility, making the biggest mistake in your life. Just give us a call and leave the rest to us, with a full report you can be assured that your dream home is just that and that there is no hidden nightmares waiting around the corner.

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