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Room Bugs & Recording Devices: We feature only the most reliable and top of the range items. Over the coming months, we will be adding various items for sale, if you do not find what you are looking for please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. 

£310.00 Inc.  Order it over the phone, pay by card and it will be with you the next working day. (Order must be placed before 2 pm).

PRODUCT INFORMATION Small and covert. Fits in the smallest  spaces, You can program it so it will call you when a conversation is taking place or you can call the unit so you can here what conversation is going on at that time. Bespoke top of the range, handmade listening device to use with your mobile phone. Extremely easy to use! Either call the device to listen in, or ask it to call you when in voice activation mode. Extended Knowles digital microphone for crystal clear listening allows the device to be hidden anywhere. Can be used in vehicles, buildings and carried on the person. Microphone sensitivity has 7 settings. Ceramic external antenna ensures superior connection to the mobile phone network. Small 25mm x 50mm 8mm. Designed for covert use. Up to 8 days battery life in voice activation mode. 5 hours whilst live listening.

£255.00 Inc

Order this unit over the phone by 2 pm and it will be with you the following working day.  

Long Life Digital Voice Recorder    


Up to 125 day battery! Voice activation feature Advanced mic for extremely clear recording Ready to use straight away. Bespoke, hand built top of the range digital recording device. Amazing battery life of 125 days in voice activation mode, 135 hours of continuous recording. We know of no other covert digital recorder that can match this. Digital microphone. Picks up conversation 10 meters away and will even record whilst in a pocket! Designed for ease of use. Simple 3 way control switch, on/off/voice activation. Crystal clear voice recording. Only 3.3mm thick. Conceal in places other listening devices cannot fit into.

Our Live GPS Tracker Range

£154.80 Inc

Order it over the phone by 2 pm and receive it the following working day What you get when you buy one of our live GPS Trackers: 1. Free Delivery 2. Access to our live tracking panel 3. Free software for use on your mobile phone 4. 100 position credits and 25 SMS credits to start you off. 5. Free advice from a member of our team should you need it. 6. A demonstration at our office should you wish prior to purchase should you require it.


Small and discreet Live magnetic GPS tracker ( x x The best priced live GPS Car Tracker available on-line

7-10 day battery life between charges Arrives ready to use straight away, no set up required.

Simply turn the device on and you will get live tracking updates to your phone, tablet or computer. Small and discreet Live Magnetic GPS Tracker, fits covertly underneath any vehicle and easy to get in to confined spaces.

Up to 10 days battery between charges. Water resistant, magnetic case with a pull magnet. Your GPS tracker stays attached until you’re ready to take it off! New advanced and easy to use mapping panel. Monitor your GPS tracker in real time from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Full tracking history recorded. See addresses/locations visited and duration of time spent there, providing the detailed information that you need. Free tracking App for iPhone's/pads and Android devices. Set up Geo fences, safety alerts, movement alarms and warnings. Used by Private Investigators, professionals and for personal use worldwide.

£238.80 Inc

Order this unit over the phone before 2 pm and it will be with you the next working day

The Pouch featured above is one of our most popular Live GPS trackers, The pouch is used by professional private detectives in their line of work, and are also the first choice for transport managers as the units are easy to transfer from one vehicle to another.

Prior to applying this unit to a vehicle, you can program its functions so that it works totally in your favor. You can rename it, set Geo fencing so it will alert you when a vehicle is entering or leaving an area. It will show you the speed in which the vehicle is travelling along with how long the vehicle has been parked. The control panel will allow you to store and also print out historical events should you require them. Know where and when your vehicle has been either on your laptop, smart phone or tablet ant time of the day or night.

It can also be used as a safety measure in keeping your love ones safe, assets and the vehicle itself. 


Easily attaches under any vehicle Fully waterproof- 3 months battery between charges See its location any time from your phone, desktop, laptop and tablet Ready to use as soon as you take it out the box!

Live magnetic car tracker with 3 months rechargeable Battery Life. 100% Waterproof. Suitable for all vehicles, boats/Jet skis, caravans and any other asset.

New advanced mapping panel. You will see exactly where your tracker is at any time, anywhere in the world via any Computer, tablet or smart phone. Free tracking app. View and control your tracker from the palm of your hand. pull magnets. The Pouch will clamp on to any metal surface, and will not come off until you are ready to take it off.

Full history report. All addresses/journeys/locations recorded indefinitely in your Tracking History. Access this 24/7 and download as a printable document. Zones feature.

Receive instant alerts when your tracker leaves/arrives at any specific addresses/locations. Motion alarm option. Receive an alert as soon as the tracker starts a journey. No contract. You can top up your PAYG tracker with position credits whenever you need to. 

We do not display all the equipment that we sell on this page for many reasons, so give us a call to discuss you problem and we will be able to advise and supply the right type of unit that will meet your requirements. Also you may wish to visit our web-store at to see our full range of both personal and vehicle trackers.