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Live GPS Tracking

You may wish to track a person, vehicle or valuable assets, Advantage Investigations UK have the most up to date live GPS trackers on the market. 

Our trackers can pinpoint exactly where your love ones are at any given time, or if need be where a vehicle and or your assets are live almost anyplace in the world. With up-to date information clearly shown on our tracking panel, we can tell you the speed that the vehicle is travelling  and how long it has been parked or driven.

We utilise live GPS trackers for many reason, safety of your loved ones, recovery of stolen vehicles, security of your most valuable assets are but a few.  

We engage them while on many assignments to enable us to have an edge on a subject that we may be following and to gather information on the subject whereabouts at any given time.

Should you wish to see a live demonstration on how our trackers work and or wish to discuss how one of theses units can benefit you please call us, one of our highly trained investigators  will be happy to take your call.

You can see a full range of our trackers on our sister site We also offer a monitoring service withe regards to your trackers.

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